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SeattleJS Conf 2023 is a wrap! Check-out the replay of the livestream and see you all next year for CascadiaJS 2024!

SeattleJS Conf is a very special 1-day conference bringing together ~300 web developers to learn, network and have fun!

The talks, from industry exports, will cover the latest and greatest in web technologies, from CSS View Transitions to Deno 2.0 to AI.

The event is being hosted by AWS and will feature a post-conference karaoke party at Optimism Brewing that you won't want to miss!


  • Tuesday, August 8, 2023
  • Doors open at 8am
  • Talks run from 9am - 5pm
  • Closing Party runs from 7pm - midnight


Amazon Meeting Center


photo of Erik Hanchett
Creating a Design System using Design Tokens With Amplify
Erik Hanchett
Amazon Web Services
Reno, NV
photo of Luis Montes
Every Process, Everywhere, All at Once
Luis Montes
Iced Dev
Mesa, AZ
photo of Josh Goldberg
Static Analysis: Don't Fear the Linter!
Josh Goldberg
Philadelphia, PA
photo of Kevin Whinnery
What to Know About Deno 2.0
Kevin Whinnery
Minneapolis, MN
photo of Adam Argyle
FLIP no more; Viva View Transitions
Adam Argyle
Seattle, WA
photo of Jason Lengstorf
A Plea for Boring Tech
Jason Lengstorf
Learn With Jason
Portland, OR
photo of Christina Zhu
ES13 and Beyond: The Future of JavaScript
Christina Zhu
Cupertino, CA
photo of Eve Porcello
Rebuilding in Rust for Good Reason
Eve Porcello
Moon Highway
Bend, OR
photo of Ben Ilegbodu
50 shades of React rendering with Next.js
Ben Ilegbodu
Houston, TX


Please email info@seattlejs.com if you are interested in learning about sponsoring this event!

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Training Workshops

We are hosting Training Workshops before and after the conference. These are full-day workshops and are designed to level up your skills as a web developer.

Managing Data in a React Application (Aug 7)

In this hands-on workshop, Eve Porcello will take a look at some of the preeminent patterns for building amazing user experiences with React. She'll also explore the latest features of React Server Components and how they can be leveraged with modern frameworks

Introduction to TypeScript (Aug 9)

Join Josh Goldberg in understanding the foundations of TypeScript! He'll cover how its type system works, how it lets you model user code, and -best of all- the benefits it can give you as a developer. And he'll show some great IDE tips & tricks enabled by TypeScript. ⚡

Building AI Apps (Aug 10)

Join Brook Riggio In this hands-on workshop on building AI app! Learn about how to integrate generative AI capabilities into new or existing projects, within your own UI, fully utilizing your own domain knowledge. Whether you want to launch your own AI-powered product, or incorporate cutting-edge functionality into your existing offerings, this workshop will give you the practical details and a vision of what's even possible to inspire your next generation of applications.


photo of Carter Rabasa

Carter Rabasa
Lead Organizer

photo of Carrie Rabasa

Carrie Rabasa
Lead Designer

photo of Andre Wiggins

Andre Wiggins

photo of Rachel Lee Nabors

Rachel Lee Nabors

photo of Jim Liu

Jim Liu
Speaker Wrangler


We are accepting applications for our Scholarship Program! If you are an under-represented minority in tech or need financial aid in order to attend this event, please consider applying. We want everyone to be able to attend this event! And if you are in a position to help fund this program, please consider making a donation below when you buy your ticket ❤️