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Building AI Apps (Aug 10)


The power of Large Language Models (LLMs) is reshaping what our apps are capable of, 🤖 and how we build them. Get hands-on experience in this workshop, where you will build 2 distinct apps that leverage AI's strengths... and we'll see how to use AI tools to help us code more effectively!

We will leverage open source and best-of-breed options to:

  • Create an interactive customer service chat agent for your website, equipped to respond with your deep domain knowledge to boost conversions.
  • Deploy open models to AWS, for even more control over the data flow, and system prompts. 🌩

Whether you're looking to launch 🚀 a new AI-driven product or elevate your current offerings, this workshop equips you with both practical experience and a vision for the future to inspire your next generation of applications. 🏗

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