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Upcoming Meetups

SeattleJS October 2023

Thanks to Gearhouse for hosting us this month. We will be at their Capitol Hill location for October.

📍 800 E Thomas St, Seattle, WA 98102

Join your fellow web devs for an evening of talks, networking and fun! Tickets are only $5 but go up to $10 the day of, so don't delay!

Thanks to our Sponsors ❤️

Speaking at the SeattleJS Meetup

No matter who you are and what your experience level is, you can give a talk at SeattleJS. Please consider submitting an idea to our Call for Presenters!


If your company would like to sponsor an upcoming meetup, please email us at


photo of Carter Rabasa

Carter Rabasa

photo of Justin Oliver Lee

Justin Oliver Lee

photo of Andre Wiggins

Andre Wiggins

photo of FX Wood

FX Wood