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SeattleJS is the largest JavaScript meet up in Seattle. We hold our meet ups on the second Wednesday of every month.

SeattleJS exisits to inform, inspire, and encourage members of the JavaScript community. Our goal is for you to leave inspired and ready to innovate.

Upcoming Talks

photo of Rachel Lee Nabors

Rachel Lee Nabors // Amazon

The Human API

The only thing harder than writing scalable, usable code is teaching others how to wield it. As the sum of human knowledge continues to grow, so too do the challenges of teaching each other what we need to know not only to build toward the future but also to contribute to the tools of its construction. If only it were possible to transfer knowledge from one engineer directly into the minds of other engineers, like a human RAID! Rachel Lee Nabors loves building such mechanisms for knowledge transfer, from video guides to documentation to curricula. In this talk, they will discuss what doesn't work, what has worked on projects like React and React Native, and what can work for any other open source project today. Teaching is hard. But there are solid ways to approach knowledge transfer at scale.

Coming up: October 2022


RSVP for an upcoming meetup, everyone is welcome!

Giving a Talk

No matter who you are and what your experience level is, you can give a talk at SeattleJS. We accept everything from 5-10 lightning talks to ~30 minute presentations. If you've learned something new or have some hard-won widsom to share, you'll find SeattleJS a warm and welcoming place to speak.

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We typically meet at The Collective Seattle, a co-working space and community in South Lake Union.

Members of SeattleJS can sign-up for a free Day Pass. Feel free to bring your laptop for work or climbing shoes to hop on the bouldering wall - make a day of it!

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If your company would like to sponsor an upcoming meetup, please email us at info@cascadiajs.com.


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Carter Rabasa

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Ehtesh Choudhury

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Justin Oliver Lee


The code for this website is hosted on Github.