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SeattleJS February 2023

Join us and celebrate a great start to 2023 with your fellow web devs!

Tickets are $5 and go up to $10 the day of, so don't delay!

Brian Tran - ⚡️ I want my data and I want it now!

A quick talk about stream processing using NodeJS and some other use cases including displaying the data in real-time over WebSockets and React.

photo of Brian Tran

Brian Tran | REMAX | @_briantran_

Lupe Canaviri Maydana - ⚡️ Playwright, everyone can write test

In 5 mins I will show you how to create your first end to end test with Playwright

photo of Lupe Canaviri Maydana

Lupe Canaviri Maydana | Microsoft | @luucamay_

Jacob Ebey - "Promises" over the wire

Learn how Remix's defer() feature utilizes native language features, a single HTTP request and a few react tricks to deliver, what I believe will be, the next big trend in "full stack frameworks".

photo of Jacob Ebey

Jacob Ebey | Remix / Shopify | @ebey_jacob


If your company would like to sponsor an upcoming meetup, please email us at


photo of Carter Rabasa

Carter Rabasa

photo of Justin Oliver Lee

Justin Oliver Lee

photo of Andres Wiggins

Andres Wiggins

photo of FX Wood

FX Wood