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We're putting on a 1-day conference in August and being hosted by our friends at AWS! Make sure to get your ticket ASAP, space is LIMITED and we expect to sell out!

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SeattleJS June 2023

Join your fellow web devs for an evening of talks, networking and fun! Tickets are only $5 but go up to $10 the day of, so don't delay!

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⚡️ Overcoming Blank Page Syndrome with your Template

How many times have you thought of a great idea for a project but were not quite sure how to start coding that project? Using templates can help beginning engineers overcome the overwhelm and fear that can come with starting projects. The goal of this talk is to share with everyone who is self-learning to code that templates and automation are their friends, especially for that tedious work of your initial setup. There is no need to start every project from scratch.

Cristina Rodriguez
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⚡️ Virtual DOM: Back in Block

Is the Virtual DOM pure overhead? In this tech talk, Aiden Bai explores the performance implications of the Virtual DOM in frameworks like React and presents an alternative approach called the "block virtual DOM." Aiden delves into the origins of the Virtual DOM, its purpose in addressing performance issues, and the process of diffing and reconciliation. The talk introduces the Block virtual DOM, which takes a different approach to diffing by using static analysis and dirty checking.

Aiden Bai
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Using the web to make interactive fanfiction

Over the pandemic, people developed a wide variety of hobbies to fill the time, and for me, that was writing a ridiculous amount of fanfiction. One of the most ambitious pieces was an interactive, choice-based and animated story written using Ink and 'set' with Preact and InkJS, and this talk goes through some of the creative and technical decisions I made to get them to play nicely with each other.

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