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SeattleJS April 2023

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Amplication is an opensource based SaaS backend development solution that empowers professional developers to accelerate the development of Node.js applications. By using Amplication to build repetitive backend services, development teams will yield significant increases in developer productivity, reliability, and consistency of delivering critical applications to production.

Michael Solati - ⚡️ 0 to 100 with Lighthouse

There are a slew of tools to help developers improve their web applications: one of them is Google's Lighthouse. In this session you'll learn about what Lighthouse is, and see how you can use Lighthouse CI as part of your build and testing process.

photo of Michael Solati

Michael Solati | Amplication | @michaelsolati

Philip Swan - The Tethered Ring Space Infrastructure Interactive 3D Architecture Model in three.js

The Tethered Ring a game-changing architecture for making space safe, sustainable, and affordable for everyone - which clearly is not going to happen if we keep on using chemical rockets. An on-line interactive three.js-based JavaScript model captures the engineering, science, and economics behind the technology. Now anyone with internet access can review the code and contribute to the project. Come and be inspired!

photo of Philip Swan

Philip Swan | The Atlantis Project | @tetheredring

Catherine Johnson - How to Build Accessible React Components

Hope you are strapped in for some accessibility! In this session we will breakdown how you can use built-in React tools and web accessibility guidelines to create flexible and accessible components for your website.

photo of Catherine Johnson

Catherine Johnson | Microsoft


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Carter Rabasa

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Justin Oliver Lee

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Andres Wiggins

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FX Wood